Barry Comprehensive Pupils See Stars

Barry Comprehensive School celebrated last week as almost half their Year 11 students passed their GCSE maths examinations early. The results, from ‘early-entry’ exams taken in November 2016, mean that 47% of students already have at least a C grade in one of the two new double maths GCSEs – with those remaining now on target to achieve or better this result in the summer.

Of particular note were seven students, who achieved coveted double A* grades in the new exams – for both ‘GCSE Mathematics’ and ‘GCSE Mathematics – Numeracy’ – from exams more than six months early.  Oliver White,  Liam Chainey, Trystan Figueres and Declan Ewington (all originally from Romilly Primary School), Simon Williams and Matthew Watkins (both Rhoose Primary) and Cain Gannon (Cadoxton Primary) were singled out by headteacher Gerard McNamara for their outstanding double-star performance.

Headteacher Gerard McNamara with the GCSE Mathematics double A* grade students

Mr McNamara commented: ‘These boys’ achievements are sensational and a real testament to their hard work, the support of their families, and the hard work of the mathematics department. They will now push on to look at further and higher mathematics challenges. We are also exceptionally pleased with the performance in these examinations across the whole year group, and cannot wait to see even higher grades when all the students take the exams for a second time in the summer’.