7 Things That Are More Expensive Now It’s April

April is the month that things rise in price, from normal household bills to your phone to car tax, things are about to get slightly more expensive. Here are 7 things that have increased in price now it’s April!

1 – Car tax

Be careful what car you are purchasing now, there is an increase in car tax for all new purchases of cars.

  • £140 a year for petrol or diesel vehicles
  • £130 a year for alternative fuel vehicles (hybrids, bioethanol and LPG)
  • £0 a year for vehicles with zero CO2 emissions

And also, if your vehicle has a list price (the published price before any discounts) of more than £40,000, the rate of tax is based on CO2 for the first year.

After the first year, the rate depends on the type of vehicle (petrol, diesel, alternative fuel or zero emissions) and an additional rate of £310 a year for the next 5 years.

After those 5 years, the vehicle will then be taxed at one of the standard rates (£140, £130, or £0, depending on vehicle type).

Fore more information visit the Government website

2 – Water Bill

Your water bill has increased by around 2% or £6 per year. Could it be worth switching to a water meter?

3 – Council Tax

Yes, your council tax bill has increased and will go up by an average 4%


4 – Stamps

Stamps have increased in price, the first class stamp has risen by 1p to 65p, and a second class stamp has risen 56p.

5 – TV License

A license to watch TV,who’s idea was this? anyway, it’s going up by £1.50 per year.

6 – Mobile Phone Bill

Vodafone, EE & O2 have increased prices. Vodafone by 3.2% (only if you took it out after May 2016), EE by 2.5% and O2 by 2.6%.

7 –  Electricity & Gas Bills

A number of companies have risen their fees including:

  • Npower -around 9.8% per year for dual fuel
  • Co-Op Energy – around 5% for dual fuel
  • SSE – They are not increasing their gas prices, however, electricity is going up by 14.9%
  • EON – 8.8% increase for dual fuel
  • Scottish power by 7.6% per year for dual fuel

As you can see there is a lot of increases here, it might be worth visiting Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert to see how you can save money on your household bills.