14 pictures that remember the Knap Lido

Before we start this article, we must give a huge shout out to Old Barry In Pictures on Facebook, if you haven’t seen the amount of historical pics and videos there are of Barry on this, then you’re missing out. Click here to check out their FB page. Massive kudos to who ever runs the page and has spent time gathering all these images.

The Knap Lido, Barry Baths, The Barrs, what ever nickname you gave it, it was a big part of Barry and opened in 1926, eventually closing in 1996, and years later it finally got demolished. It was once the biggest open air lido in Europe, now that is crazy to think. There’s been arguments and protests for it’s return, we’ve seen Ponty do it, so why can’t Barry? To be honest, I’m not 100% sure it work again, but maybe that’s another article for a different day.

I kind of remember going there as a child many many moons ago, early 90s I think, crazy to think how fast time goes. So we put together a selection of pics to celebrate the Kanp lido, or the Barrs to us Barrians.

Here it is under construction, year approx. 1925


Here’s another……….


Here’s the opening gala from 1926


It used to be filled with sea water………. 


Still filled with sea water


Mid 60’s and an empty pool


Here’s the swinging 60’s


1972 and The Knap in full glory


Early 80s and packed


More 80’s and marine drive full view……..


The knapshack, chips and loads of ketchup, oxo crisps or a pasty, what was your preference?


Rotting away


In the early naughties it was a site for sore eyes………


Just before demolition


We hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and if this isn’t enough. Old Barry in Pictures have a video from the 1950 swimming championships! Vintage!



Pic and video credit is from Old Barry in Pictures on Facebook, please follow them and check out their catalogue of classic pics of Barry,