10 places you used to drink in Barry

These are the places you definitely got drunk in Barry, before they closed down or got renamed………..


bindles-credit-old-barry-in-picturesold barry in pictures


We think if Bindles was still around, it would be thriving right now. Just think of those summer nights and the spectacular views of the Knap beach.

Eze Bar

eze-bar-credit-walesonlineWales Online

Before closing, it was popular with the ‘older’ crowd. Who remembers getting the bus to Eze Bar 2?

Friars / Bostons / The Gallery / Eze 2

2eze-old-barry-in-picturesold Barry in Pictures

Many a name change for this club. Without a doubt most of Barry over the age of 24 at least spent some time here, falling down the stairs drunk, slipping on the dancefloor, or smoking out the back!



Before Cubanas, and now Hubanas. You know you went here first, then the ship, before heading over to the Island.

The Addy

the-addy-brew-walesbrew wales

Originally named ‘The Wenvoe Arms’. Now Nisa Local.

The Royal

royalbrew wales

Now Tesco, with koppenberg 3 for £5.

The Windsor


Formally known as the Zoo, was a big pub for Cardiff City Supporters, way back when. Closed in January 2015.



Literally the place to be on a Saturday between 2000-2003. It closed, opened half up, closed, re-opened and then closed again. Now Just sitting there, empty on Barry island. What a waste.

The Victoria Hotel

the-vic-credit-oldbarryinpicturesOld Barry in Pictures


The Rom

the-rom-credit-old-barry-in-picturesold barry in pictures

Now spoons, and usually the last stop before heading into Cardiff.

Marine Hotel


Now flats. It seems like most of the pubs on the Island are gone!

OK, we may have missed a few, what about the Paget Inn, The Railway, Buffs… any others?? Anyone have any pictures?