10 Famous Music Acts To Have Played In Barry

Barry, a small town at the heart of the Vale, has surprisingly had some top music acts play here over the years. We take a look at ten acts you might have forgotten……..

1. Super Furry Animals

Over 10 years ago, the SFA played at Barry Memo during the summer of 2005. The memo is great place to host gigs, and I wish they would book similar main stream music acts for the future.


2. Mark Morrison

Return of the Mack, No, not Mack Events, the original Mack of course. If memory serves me right, he played on Barry Island as part of the Galaxy 101 roadshows during the early 90’s. Mack Events, please book him for next years GlastonBARRY!

3. Peter Andre

Another one from the Galaxy 101 days. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a remake of the Mysterious Girl video down Jacksons Bay?

4. Tinchy Stryder

Tinchy played over the Acropolis during the late naughties when he was a big main stream music star. He;s due to release a new album later this year.

5. DJ Luck & MC Neat

My memory is quite foggy on this one, and can’t remember if they played the Dolphin, Acropolis or Bostons. With a little bit of luck, hopefully someone can shed some light!


6. Shola Ama

Ok, it wasn’t in her heyday but Shola played down Eze2 (god rest its soul) a few years ago.

7. PJ & Duncan

Lets get ready to rumble, every teenage girl in Barry during the early 90’s had a crush on these guys. Did you know they played down the memo! Much better than Byker Grove, aha! SYKE!

8. Paul Heaton

This may not be a stand out name, however, Paul Heaton is the lead singer of the Beautiful South. He played an intimate gig at the Park hotel back in 2012. He certainly makes our perfect 10 list!

9. Oxide & Neutrino

Ah, Sh*t I’ve been shot. The garage duo played the Finnegns Inn on the same night as Tinchy Stryder did, way back in 2008.

10. Kylie Minogue

I could be wrong on this one, but I’m sure she flew in by helicopter for the Radio 1 roadshow on the promenade, performed a song or 2, and then took off. Apologies if we’re wrong and this is all a myth.

Also, we nearly had Rizzle Kicks at the ship and can anyone confirm the Tom Jones rumour? Let us know if we’ve missed someone out.



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